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You can use these online forms for E-filing.IRS free E-filing is now online. You can use the form below to immediately start the process.  Alternatively, here is a comprehensive list of the IRS Free File companies. If you meet the company's criteria, use of their online tax software and the E-file submission is free. Here's the form to help you determine which companies you are eligible for:

Must I select one of the IRS's authorized "Free File Companies"?   No, everybody can use the Free File online forms system without the benefit/limitations of those authorized companies. (That system does not handle state tax filing.)

If I use my own tax software can I do my E-filing without them?

Will these allow hasslefree completion of my taxes without additional costs?

Does the IRS provide any accountability over these approved companies?

Which, if any of these, has any advantage over the others?

What qualities would you think most important to look for in one of these E-file companies?

More About Free File Fillable Forms

These online forms are electronic versions of paper IRS tax forms.
Here's how Free File Fillable Forms works:
•It's Free
•Create a password protected login so you can sign in and out of your return
•Choose your form: 1040A, 1040, or 1040 EZ
•Do the math using the provided calculation mechanism
•E-file your return (you'll need last year's AGI or your self-select PIN). Or you may also print your return.
Note: State preparation and state efile is not available. Does not support the efiling of returns with foreign addresses.

If you're used to doing your Federal return using IRS paper forms, Free File Fillable Forms will look familiar.

Entering your information is just like filling in IRS forms.

Note: Free File Fillable Forms requires the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player. Download it here.



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